"I travel a lot; I hate having my life
disrupted by routine."



New Zealand, Aotearoa, The Land of the Long White Cloud. These once uninhabited islands have been luring explorers attracted to it’s breath taking beauty for hundreds of years. Where first Kupe ventured across the Pacific from his ancestral Polynesian homeland. Following him came the migration from Hawaiki to form Maori tribes across the country. Next Captain Cook circumnavigated the land and initiated the movement of European settlers. Today we invite you to experience our very special slice of paradise.

We froth on showing you the real New Zealand. Forget the tourist trail, you’re going on a true Kiwi holiday. All the hidden secrets and local spots around every corner and over every mountain. Our diverse landscape and climate will always keep you on your toes. We’ll never run out of ideas because our favourite thing to do is explore our backyard, nature’s playground. And be confident you’ll be well looked after by a true Kiwi guide offering you that famous Kiwi hospitality.




Frankly NZ Tours was born from a love of adventure and a passion to share that with others. The founder, Frank, has years of experience chasing the most stunning sunsets, jumping in the bluest waters and sniffing out the most delicious food all over the globe. He has now returned to share a piece of his first true love, Aotearoa. Frank is known as a lover of nature, an enthusiastic explorer, a friend to everyone and king of the dance floor.

Come say g’day and see for yourself.